G-NAVIS at the 5th Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS




The 5thAsia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, from December the 1st to the 3rd. The workshop is jointly organized by Growing NAVIS project, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Satellite Positioning Research and Application Center (SPAC) of Japan, and QZS System Services Inc. (QSS). The participants will share information about the latest trend and needs of Multi-GNSS, while plans of future demonstration experiments will be presented and discussed.

The workshop is part of the awareness activities carried on by the Growing NAVIS project and part of the Asia Oceania Multi-GNSS Demonstration Campaign promoted by Multi-GNSS Asia, an organization whose aim is to promote multi-GNSS utilization and applications in the Asia and Oceania region.

The G-NAVIS Project is funded by the FP7 Call Galileo.2011.4.3-1 – International Activities (Grant Agreement No. 287203) of the European Commission. The project involves partners from: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. G-NAVIS supports the growth of the NAVIS Collaboration Centre enhancing its technical and reseavrch capabilities and extending its links in South East Asia and Europe.

More information and live update on the Growing NAVIS website http://www.g-navis.eu/ and on twitter https://twitter.com/GNAVIS.