GLOVE project: new vehicular data collections


Davide Margaria and Emanuela Falletti, two researchers from the NavSAS group, have been involved in vehicular data collections, testing multiple consumer-grade and survey-grade GNSS receivers in the framework of the GLOVE EU FP7 project (

Vehicular data collections will be carried out in the urban area near to ISMB and Politecnico di Torino from today to the end of April, in collaboration with the Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF, which is also a partner of the GLOVE project and provides one vehicle prototype (see the Picture 1). Better positioning systems will enable a variety of applications in the domain of ADAS and Mobility.

Picture 1

Raw GNSS measurements (including GPS, EGNOS corrections, and GLONASS) will be collected and analysed using a flexible experimental setup, designed by the Navigation Technologies area of ISMB (see the Picture 2).

Picture 2

These experimental tests are intended to demonstrate the novel "Local Integrity" concept, proposed by the Navigation Technologies area in order to overcome the typical limitations of the classic GNSS integrity framework in urban vehicular contexts.
The "Local Integrity" concept will also be presented by Davide Margaria at the IEEE/ION PLANS 2014 conference (May 5-8, 2014, Monterey, California, (see