TRANSMIT final meeting

NavSAS is participating to the TRANSMIT final meeting in Liège, Belgium.

TRANSMIT is coming to a close in Feb 2015 and as part of its activities a final open event aiming to showcase the project’s outcomes, with presentations by all the project fellows and a comprehensive discussion on the project results, was planned for late 2014. It has been recognised that such an event would have greater impact if rather than competing it were actually combined with a large and reputable conference in the field. For this reason an agreement was reached with the organising committee of the 11th European Space Weather Week, whereby TRANSMIT is inserted into the session entitled “Modelling the Earth's ionosphere and solutions to counter ionospheric threats to GNSS applications”. This session is convened by the TRANSMIT coordinator and another member of the TRANSMIT Supervisory Board and will, within the spirit and objectives of the project, be open to and very interested in external contributions from the relevant community. It is also likely that a splinter session will be dedicated to a more focused discussion on the project outcomes.

TRANSMIT - Training Research and Applications Network to Support the Mitigation of Ionospheric Threats is anFP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Networkfocused on the study of ionospheric phenomena and their effects on systems embedded in our daily life. This project focuses on ionospheric threats to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and related applications, in areas such as civil aviation, marine navigation and land transportation. TRANSMIT aims to initiate research and training of young scientists in Europe in this field, the TRANSMIT fellows.