Mid Term Review of the TRITON project

Marco Pini and Beatrice Motella from NAvSAS and Luca Pilosu from Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Area of ISMB will participate to the Mid Term Review of the TRITON project that will take place in Santander, Spain, on January 15th 2015, hosted by ACORDE (partner of the project). The Mid-Term Review will check the status of the project after the first year and will plan the future activities (development of the TRITON prototypes, etc).

TRusted vessel Information from Trusted On-board iNstrumentation (TRITON) is an R&D project that focuses on increasing the trustworthiness of on-board instrumentation used to report vessel information to the control organisms. TRITON is funded by the European Union trough the Seventh Framework Programme FP7.

TRITON involves NavSAS (Navigation Technologies Area) and the Multi-Layer Wireless Solutions Research Area from ISMB. Marco Pini, head of NavSAS, is the project coordinator, whereas the partnership is composed by Kongsberg Norcontrol IT AS (Norway), Acorde Technologies SA (Spain), 7I Group AB (Sweden), Alpha Consultants SRL (Italy), Granturco and Partners SPRL (Belgium).

For more information visit the Website: http://tritonproject.eu/.