ERICA (2014-2016)

ERICA - EquatoRial Ionosphere Characterization in Asia aims to monitor the ionosphere in the Southeast Asian region to characterize the local features of the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly (EIA) and of the Equatorial Ionospheric Trough (EIT) by means of an ad hoc campaign of geomagnetic and ionospheric measurements. The campaign is expected to provide new insights on the ionospheric variability causing space weather effects on radio systems and, in particular, on GNSS operations. The activities are designed and realized in close collaboration with external researchers of Vietnamese and Indonesian institutions that will make available their facilities and competences. The Asian researchers will spend a short research period in the European institutions involved in ERICA, where they will work with the European colleagues so as to share methodologies to be used in the measurement campaigns and data analysis.

ERICA is fundend under the Alcantara framework, one of the General Studies Programme - GSP carried on by the European Space Agency - ESA.

The team includes researchers from:

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