Galileo/GPS Mass Market Receivers: Tracking Algorithms Analysis and Performance

TitleGalileo/GPS Mass Market Receivers: Tracking Algorithms Analysis and Performance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLinty N, Crosta P
Conference NameProceedings of the 31st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC 2013)
Conference LocationLawrenceville
Keywordsgalileo, GNSS, GNSS receivers, mass market

The scope of the work is the development and demonstration of the main GNSS algorithms currently used in GNSS mass-market receivers, with a particular interest toward Galileo signals. An exhaustive survey on existing commercial receivers signal processing techniques has been carried out and the most promising state-of-the-art algorithms for GPS signals have been analyzed and extended to E1B and E1C Galileo signals. The selected techniques have then been implemented in a software receiver, able to process raw GPS and Galileo samples. First the accuracy of the techniques is analyzed, both in terms of code delay and Doppler frequency estimates accuracy, proving the functionality of the multicorrelator processing unit. Second, some tests on robustness sensitivity have been carried out with a simulated LMS channel, proving the benefits of open loop strategies. Finally some tests on power consumption, representing one of the key drivers for the mobile consumer devices design, are carried out. The analysis of the results provides an early assessment on the suitability of these techniques, improving the attractiveness of Galileo to the massmarket community