e-Knot PhD Training in Warsaw

The e-Knot project carried on a GNSS PhD training in Warsaw, Poland, from October 10th to 14th, 2016.  The initiative «GNSS PhD Training» aims at improving the PhD education level in GNSS and to reach high common standard of PhD in GNSS in Europe by supporting the networking of young researchers-to-be who will be the GNSS scientific community of the future. On the e-Knot website www.eknotproject.eu is possible to find all the forthcoming initiatives.

The scope of the e-KnoT project is to strengthen the interaction between the areas of education-research-industry in Europe, leveraging on past activities already undertaken in this field, in order to consolidate a strong EGNSS knowledge triangle, a solid network for the creation of a critical mass involving the relevant actors in the three areas with the final objective of supporting the European economy development.

In the following picture, our PhD student Calogero Cristodaro is presenting his work to GNSS experts to get feedback and advice.