International Women's Day 2019

The European GNSS Agency – GSA today celebrated the International Women's Day 2019, and all the women working on GNSS, with a long news on its website aiming to inspire others both in the field and beyond. The Navigation Technologies Area at LINKS Foundation was presented among the success stories!

An extract from the news:

“Being female engineers is a challenge and a great opportunity at the same time. When we started at university we as women were always a minority, and today we represent 40% of the people in our research group and two of us are responsible for a research unit. However, this situation is far from standard; to say it in engineering language: we are on the queue of the Gaussian distribution! To add a challenge to a challenge, most of us are also mothers,” said Gabriella Povero, Emanuela Falletti, Beatrice Motella, Micaela Troglia Gamba, Navigation Technologies at Fondazione LINKS.