Best Presentation Award and Student Best Paper Award at ION GNSS+ 2019

NavSAS researchers are participating to the ION GNSS+ 2019 conference that is taking place in Miami, USA, from the 16th to the 20th September. ION GNSS+ is considered the world’s largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services.

This year we won two important awards! First of all, congratulations to our researchers.


Congratulations to Gianluca Falco, Fabio Dovis and our former researcher Calogero Cristodaro for the Best Presentation Award!

GIanluca, Fabio and Calogero won the Best Paper Award for the paper On the use of an Ultra-tight Integration for Robust Navigation in Jammed Scenarios presented in the Session E3: Aided GNSS and Sensor Fusion in Challenging Environments 1.


Congratulations to Alex Minetto for the Student Best Paper Award!

Alex won the Student Best Paper Award presenting the paper A Theoretical Study on the Benefits of Integrating GNSS and Collaborative Relative Ranges in the Session D1: Connected and Collaborative Autonomy.


Our researchers this year were very active in presenting papers and in chairing sessions. A detailed program can be downloaded from here.

Emanuela Falletti chaired two sessions focusing on the satellite navigation signals in harsh and degraded environments: Session F2: GNSS Signal Processing in Degraded Environments 1 and Session F6: GNSS Signal Processing in Degraded Environments 2.

Fabio Dovis chaired the F5 session focusing on the Scientific Uses of Raw GNSS Measurements from Smartphones. Fabio also participated in the panel session E1 on PNT Security and Robustness with the presentation An Assessment of the Effect of RFI Threats on GNSS-based Downstream Applications.